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About Our Group

To build careers worth having;

Businesses worth owning;

Lives worth living;

Experiences worth giving;

Legacies worth leaving.

Our Mission

The Soodo Real Estate are professional and highly competent experts in real estate transactions in the San Francisco Bay Area. With our client-oriented skills and unique management system of letting each individual use their personal knowledge and strengths; we utilize all of the current technologies to better assist with the complex and important decisions when buying or selling a home. We are dedicated to build honest and solid relationships with our clients as we guide them through every step of this process.

About me



Gaylen Roberts is a self-made multi-millionaire by 30 years old through extensive bay area real estate investments and sales. Thinking outside the box and not taking "No" as an answer allows him to not only survive but thrive in this tough industry and market. He has been in the real estate industry since 2010 with zero contacts in the bay area, and yearly doubling his business and goals. His extensive design, building background, local expertise, extreme resourcefulness allows him to provide and inspire people & communities to create successful interactions, connections, and partnerships in Real Estate and business opportunities that he is involved with.

Gaylen Roberts
Realtor®, Designer, LEED AP
DRE# 01885597


Soomi was born and raised in Seoul South Korea until 16 years old and came to Philadelphia to become a Physical Therapist. She earned a doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from Drexel University and moved to the bay area in 2010. She has served elderly patients in the home care setting for the last 8 years and was able to help so many patients and families to return to their maximum rehab potential and establish safe home environment.


She recently joined Soodo Real Estate with her Big Why. She wants to build wealth around her friends, families, team members, and community through real estate so that she can create more opportunities for our clients and young individuals.


Soodo Real Estate will also allow her to create support for the community and make more people successful. She believes that anything is possible if you put hard work and positive mindset into it. Her values include driven, confident, humble, and being a team player.

Soomi Kim


As a Bay Area transplant, Iris' keen knowledge of computers and her "there is nothing too small that she isn't willing to do or learn" to help our clients. She has added so much value to our transaction team with her website development and her attention to detail with documents and our policy and procedure manual is an integral part of our team. Her dedication and outstanding work ethic make her a joy for all in often times stressful path of any transaction.

Iris Cheung
Realtor®, Executive Assistant
DRE# 02007766

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